Fred Astaire, Captain America, and the Cyborg: The Technological Body of a Musical Star 

Todd Decker

Jerome Robbins' ballet, I’m Old-Fashioned (The Astaire Variations), New York Theatre, 1983.

Fred Astaire with George Gershwin at the piano in “The Half of It, Dearie, Blues.”

Fred Astaire on television in The Hollywood Palace.

“Music Makes Me,” Flying Down to Rio (RKO, 1933).

"I’ll Be Hard to Handle," Roberta (RKO, 1935).

“Steppin’ Out with My Baby,” Easter Parade (MGM, 1948).

Astaire with Virginia Dale in “You’re Easy to Dance With,” Holiday Inn (Paramount, 1942).

"I've Got My Eyes on You," Broadway Melody of 1940 (MGM, 1940); "Audition Dance," You Were Never Lovelier (Columbia, 1942); "Let's Kiss and Make Up," Funny Face (Paramount, 1957).

Dirt Devil commercial (1997).