Fanny Brice/Barbra Streisand: "The Original Funny Girl"

Jacqueline Nacache

Fanny Brice in The Baby Snooks Show, "At the Racetrack" (February 27, 1941).

"Cooking Breakfast for the Man I Love," Be Yourself! (Joseph M. Schenck, 1930)

"My Man," The Great Ziegfeld (MGM, 1936).

The Great Ziegfeld.

Fanny Brice in a beauty contest. Unknown source.

Fanny Brice, "Second Hand Rose."

Barbra Streisand, "Second Hand Rose," Funny Girl (Columbia, 1968).

"Don't Rain on My Parade," Funny Girl.

"Roller Skate Rag," Funny Girl.

"The Swan," Funny Girl.

"It's Gorgeous to be Graceful," Be Yourself!

"A Sweepstake Ticket," Ziegfeld Follies (MGM, 1945).