The Musical Comedian: Bob Hope in the Road to Series and Son of Paleface

Steven Cohan

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in the opening number of Road to Morocco (Paramount, 1942).

"Hoot Mon," Road to Bali (Paramount, 1952).

Hope, Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour in "Moonlight Becomes You," Road to Morocco.

"Moonlight Becomes You," Road to Morocco.

"The Merry Go Runaround," Road to Bali.

Jane Russell, Roy Rogers, and Bob Hope in "Buttons and Bows," Son of Paleface (Paramount, 1952).

Bob Hope and Jane Russell in the second version of "What a Night for a Wingding," Son of Paleface.

Third version of "What a Night for a Wingding."

Russell and Hope, "Am I in Love ?" in Son of Paleface.