The Grand Collection Arts-H2H publishes collective works on the Laboratory's current research. Each publication is issued in a French, and English language edition. The collection is co-published by the Labex Arts-H2H and Les presses du réel.

Devoted to the study of new connections between arts, humanities, sciences and techniques, the Labex Arts-H2H explores artistic forms and their mediation in the current context of digital revolution.


The French version of the book was also published by Les presses du réel under the title Stars et solistes du musical hollywoodien.

The book and companion website are part of the research project “Musical MC² – The Hollywood Film Musical in its Mediatic and Cultural Context.” Musical MC² places the musical and its spectacular features in their specific cultural and media context: their connexions to Broadway musical theatre, but also to radio, television, and the record industry. The program aims at positioning the film musical in the Hollywood Studio System (specific production strategies designed for musicals), and at exploring the relationship of the film musical to technology (the Hollywood musical as a privileged ground for technological experiment, the links between performance and technology), and ideology (ethnic and racial issues, history of the censorship of the Production Code, differences between media throughout history and their relationship to mass audiences).


Book edited by Marguerite Chabrol & Pierre-Olivier Toulza

Companion website:

developed by Mehdi Bourgeois

Book Reading Committee:

Anne Crémieux, C. Elise Harris, Ariane Hudelet, Alexandra Saemmer, Kery-Jane Wallart.


The editors would like to thank Mehdi Bourgeois, Guillaume Chabrol, Céline de Dianous, Todd Decker, Emmanuelle Delanoë-Brun, Hélène Fleckinger, Karen McNally, Agathe Raymond-Carlo, Allison Robbins, and Ana Wolf.

Scientific Committee:

Philippe Bootz, Marguerite Chabrol, Alexandra Saemmer, Anne Sèdes, and the Scientific Council of the Labex Arts-H2H.

Editorial coordination:

Marguerite Chabrol, assisted by Céline de Dianous and Ana Wolf.


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